Class Act Reporting, LLC
Court Reporting and Stenography by Registered
Court Reporters in Philadelphia and New Jersey
Welcome To Class Act Reporting, LLC

We are a WBE/SBE-Certified Woman-Owned and Operated business serving New Jersey, Philadelphia and surrounding counties for over 20 years.

Owners: Rose Tamburri and Brittany Burrows

A staff of 22 dedicated full-time reporters, covering locations from New York to Washington, as well as an extensive national reach with a network of reporters throughout the country, allows Class Act the pleasure of providing our clients with coverage throughout the entire United States.

We Provide

  • Repository: 24/7 access one-click transcript and linked exhibit retrieval
  • iPad or tablet conversion: on-the-spot for real time format
  • Medical malpractice reporters
  • Complex litigation specialists
  • Insurance generalists
Our Services

Depositions; Hearings; Meetings

Class Act Reporting, LLC prides itself in covering a wide variety of litigation matters. Our staff of registered professional reporters are highly trained and specialize in reporting technical environmental cases, asbestos litigation, latex glove litigation and most recently, Viagra litigation.

Over the past two decades, Class Act Reporting, LLC has held a variety of both city and governmental contracts, including highly confidential Grand Jury matters. Under those contracts, we have become experts in handling all types of hearings and meetings.

Real-time Certified Court Reporting

Class Act Reporting, LLC is proud to have as part of their staff three Certified Real-time Reporters. With all of the latest technology available, counsel can hook into the reporter's stenographic writer with a laptop computer or iPad and view the proceedings as they are actually taking place. At the end of the day, counsel can be provided with an ASCII diskette of the proceedings or actually have a rough draft printout.


Class Act Reporting, LLC has a professional staff of in-house Certified Videographers. Many times, expert witnesses are too busy to be sitting in a courtroom waiting to give live testimony, so their testimony can be videotaped and preserved until the time of trial. It is much more effective for jurors to see a live-recorded presentation rather than have the testimony recited by counsel.

Conference Room Facilities

Conference rooms are available in both Philadelphia and New Jersey on request.

Delivery - Standard or Rush

Class Act Reporting, LLC offers a wide variety of delivery schedules. Whether you need immediate delivery or the standard 7 to 10-day delivery, we can accommodate your every need. We also provide counsel with an ASCII diskette and condensed transcript at no extra charge. Since Class Act Reporting, LLC is up to date with the latest technology, we also offer our clients e-mail transcript service which is both fast and secure.

Offices Conveniently Located

Class Act Reporting, LLC's main headquarters is conveniently located in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. We also have a branch office in South Philadelphia We travel near and far to meet the many needs of our clients.

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